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Jersey Long-Sleeve Shirt: How To Style With Different Accessories?

In this article, you will find all the details about jersey long-sleeve shirts. ZR wholesale long-sleeve shirt's benefits, varieties, and how to style them? 

What Is A Jersey Long-Sleeve Shirt?

Jersey Long-sleeve shirts are often loose-fitting and hardly an extensive piece of clothing. Athletes also wear them with their names and number written on them. However, you can create a complete outfit by choosing a good jersey long-sleeve shirt. Moreover, you can layer it along with other apparel pieces. 

In this article, you will find all the details of jersey long-sleeve shirts. What do you need to consider while making a purchase? What are the Accessories you can wear with long-sleeved shirts?

Why Do You Need A Jersey long-sleeve Shirt?

A jersey long-sleeve shirt will be the best option for you because of many factors. For instance, it protects you from many elements like dirt, UV rays, and mosquito bites. However, it keeps you in fashion, cool and stylish the whole day. 


These men's moisture-wicking long-sleeve shirts include fast-drying fabric, which rapidly dries sweat and wetness, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day. These jersey long-sleeve sports shirts from ZR wholesales are the best solution for any sports you participate in. Due to its flexibility and coziness, you can style it at many places, like fishing, jogging, golfing, bicycling, camping, and trekking. ZR Wholesales consider all safety measures when sewing shirts. Importantly, the shirt includes deodorized technology that keeps the fabric fresh and clean.

Variety of sizes available:

The shirts are available in many different sizes and varieties. So, you can easily choose one according to your body size and choice. 




Extra small





















What To Look For In A Jersey Long-Sleeve Shirt?

Fit and sizing: 

While purchasing a jersey long-sleeve shirt, you need to consider the size best fit for you as sizing is the element that makes your overall look in any apparel. 

Neckline and style: 

While wearing a jersey long-sleeve shirt, there are many details on the shirt. First is the neckline style; you must choose the one that suits you. The most usual type of neckline is the finest crewneck. You will also be able to find some V-neck and Henley-style necklines. 

Fabric and weight: 

A wide range of options is available that are made of cotton, comfortable, and fresh. You can wash this jersey cotton fabric in a machine; it has high durability. Jersey is a Cotton fabric (single-knitted) having Stretchability.

The weight of the shirt depends on the weight and type of cotton used in knitting. Slub cotton is a lightweight fabric with a lumpy texture due to its weaving style. Ring-spun cotton; you will find it heavier than slub cotton fabric. However, ring-spun cotton is softer than regular cotton.

Determine Your Body Style

You must consider your body type and size when shopping for a shirt someday. A slim fit will go best for a tall and slim body to flatter the body type. And a loose, baggy fit would be the worst option for such a body. 


The type of material used in jersey long-sleeve shirts is an essential point to consider. In warm and dry weather, you should prefer a breathable fabric like bamboo cotton. You can style this fabric material in many different styles and looks. 

Accessories You Can Wear With Jersey long-sleeve shirt

A good dressing sense is very important for anybody to look good. For this, you should pair some accessories with your jersey long-sleeve shirt. Here are some accessories to take your dressing game to the next level.


In any season, you can always choose a hat to wear with your apparel. In cold weather, you can wear a hat with a long-sleeved shirt to keep yourself warm and stylish with a cup of coffee and the amazing sights of winter. You can also style a hat in the chilly spring season. 


Scarves add class and warmth to your dress on a cold day. You can style a white button-down dress shirt or a black jacket with a gray cashmere scarf for a casual day in town. You can carry a red plaid scarf, a turtleneck sweater, and jeans with a hot drink before a bonfire. 


The kind of shoes you choose to wear completes your look. Everyone needs to travel once in a while, So it is important to choose the right shoes for your comfort. It could always be challenging to get your hands on shoes that are comfortable and stylish at the same time. There could be no stop between your way for a long while. So, it would be better to make smart decisions with your shoes. You can pair a jersey long-sleeve shirt with solid black shoes to look great and confident. You can add loafers to your look to have convenience and style with flexibility. 


Pants will always add a sparkle to your dress with long sleeve shirts. Finding the right element for what you are dressing for determines the moment and pep in your step. Knit joggers are one of those all-time pants you can wear anytime, anywhere. They are comfortable, and when paired with a zip-over sweater and a long-sleeve crew breathable bamboo shirt, your circumstances for dressing for success in any situation are golden.


The way you dress affects your overall confidence and attitude. That's why it is always important to look great. Suppose you are going to the market at some walking distance to meet a friend. You might get some shining opportunities based on your looks and confidence. You can find high-quality jersey long-sleeve shirts on ZR wholesales at reasonable prices. Hopefully, you found this article useful.

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