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Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Toddler Sublimation Shirts?

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By reading this article, you will know what sublimation is. How to do sublimation, the best fabric for the process, and why people love sublimation shirts. 

What Are Sublimation And Toddler Sublimation Shirts?

  • Definition: Sublimation is the process of transferring dye to a fabric using heat. 


Dye sublimation is a modern printing technique used to print shirts, other fabrics, or materials. Sublimation is a simple process in which a specific printer is used. This printer heats the special ribbon that moves over your graphic to output your design on a special printing plate. This plate containing your design can be used in a heat press machine. In the process, the ink will heat up and cast a print of designs, images, and patterns on your fabric.

Digital sublimation is used to decorate clothing and for other promotional purposes. The promotional products could be clothing, banners, signs, and other materials that can be sublimated and printed. But most importantly, it is perfect to create toddler sublimation shirts. 

By reading this article, you will know what sublimation is. How to do sublimation? And all the details you need to know before sublimating your fabric.  

What Is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation printing is a digital method that uses heat and special dyes on toddler shirts. In the process, chemical bonds are made between particles and fabric particles to create a durable and long-lasting print. The method uses a CMYK color model to create detailed and intricate designs on your fabric. The best thing about this process is you can easily master it. Both professionals and home artists use this sublimation technique. You can also perform this technique at home with little background info on graphic designing to create your designs. 

No doubt, sublimation printing offers its challenges as well. First, you could face printing issues like ghosting or marks in the image if you do not place the transfer paper correctly in the heat press. Secondly, this printing technique might work on some materials but not on others. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Sublimate Your Shirt

The sublimation printing process is relatively easy; it includes a few basic steps that you can follow to make sublimated toddler shirt. 

  1. First, you need to select a digital design of your choice. You can download the design or can create one for yourself. 
  2. Secondly, send the design to the sublimating printer to cast the design on the printing plate. 
  3. Now, insert the sublimation transfer paper sheet. 
  4. You must print the design on the transfer paper before aligning it on a polyester t-shirt. 
  5. Use a heat press to lock the design onto your shirt or fabric to make it long-lasting. 
  6. Finally, you can remove the paper and look at the perfect, vivid image you have on your shirt. 

Why Choose Custom Sublimation Shirts?

There are various reasons to choose a customized sublimation shirt. It can be a great gift for your friends and family or yourself. 

  • Sublimation shirts are great for promotion or advertising. That’s why some businesses and employees choose them. 
  • Sublimation shirt design is always in style through the years. Customized sublimation shirts are a good way of advertising without exerting much effort. Usually, employees wear shirts with logos to promote their products. 
  • It brings your creativity come into reality. You can play with colors and designs of your choice. People love colors, so you can add your product or business theme colors to create your design. 
  • Besides the good quality and design options, you can showcase your personality with your creative artwork. Think outside the box and select a competent partner to create innovative promotional products

What Fabric Is Best For Sublimation? 

Polyester should be the best choice due to the chemical reaction between sublimation ink and polyester fabric polymers. This chemical process does not occur with other fabrics like cotton. However, you can sublimate polycotton or tri-blends, but there should be a large percentage of polyester in the fabric. You can enjoy the softness and vividness of the prints and images on your fabric. 


For sure! You have tried a sublimation shirt once in your life and loved it. It would help if you tried it again with your creative ideas. Sublimation shirts are never out of trend; you can get your favorite toddler sublimation shirts from ZR wholesales. 

Many thanks for giving a read to the article! 


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