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Guide on how to remove shirt printing (DIY tutorial)


What if I tell you that you can remove a screen print from a shirt? Yes, you don’t need any help. In this article, we will discuss how to remove shirt printing. 

What if tell you that you do not need to go to the shop of launderer since you can remove the shirt print on your own? Surely, you think that I am kidding. Yes! You do not have to buy another shirt because you can renew this shirt and get your desired designs by removing the previous screen print design. Now the question arises in the mind of everyone, how can we make this magic happen? Well, for that, let’s just continue the article.

Different methods for how to remove shirt printing:

How to remove shirt printing is a basic technique that everyone must know. Let’s have a look at various methods for transferring the design from shirt to laundry waste.

The Sugar Method:

Screen print designs can be progressively scratched using a sugar scrub. This strategy works best with brand-new designs. Starting with a cold-water wash. A tablespoon of regular sugar should be sprinkled in a small piece. The sugar pattern should be gently massaged using your hand, a stiff, soft brush, apply pressure, heat press, or a soft cloth. Of course, when you're done, you'll want to wash the item once more to get rid of all the sticky sugar!

Spot Clean the Shirt
There are some step-by-step guides:

Spot-removal tools come in a range of pricing points and degrees of performance. 

Now you are worried about what to do to get rid of leaks. Well, place a towel or any used clothing beneath the shirt. As the ink comes out with a lot of heat in the fabrics it will be dissolved.

The easiest strategy to attempt is this one. Simply aim at the design issue, load the gun with the spot-removing liquid, and fire! The disadvantage of this procedure is the high cost of the gun and spotting fluid for removing a design. This kind of process only works to correct minor mistakes. It's because it would be fairly expensive to remove massive designs with it. Moreover, it should be handled with care as it can damage the fabric.

Make use of your Iron:

Do you have an ironing board at home? use it as a removal method for the designs from your shirt. The simplest and most popular technique for erasing the impression in the industry is the iron and peel procedure. The picture is burnt into a paper bag using iron in this technique to make it easier to peel away the extra ink. In general, you shouldn't apply heat to any design from which you want to erase the print since doing so could make the screen-printed ink more difficult to remove and might harm the fabric. However, if you use this technique carefully, it is secure. Place a shirt on a flat surface. Then a large paper bag, such as the ones that supermarkets offer, should be located. When you look at the bag, one side lights up brighter than the other. Place the bag's high gloss side up against the screen print of your choice. Choose the lowest steam-free setting on your iron. After that, continuously run the iron back and forth over the paper bag. As the heat causes the design to stick to the paper bag, it should come apart from the fabric. The Remaining patches on the cloth may be removed using a plastic scraper or your fingernails.

Use Plastisol Remover:

One of the often-utilized types of screen-printing ink is plastisol remaining ink. Polyvinyl chloride(PVC), and polymer are present. Plastisol(acetone), is a very viscous gas that has to be handled with gloves. Start by using a soft cloth that has been soaked in plastisol to wipe your artwork. Give it 30 minutes to settle. Then, gently remove any flaking fragments and any plastisol that may still be present by soaking a soft cloth. Finally, run a typical washing cycle on your clothing.

A regular wash may help:

All printed designs lose their quality with time, especially many times laundry. Bear in mind that your clothing's color may somewhat fade. it depends on the fabric of shirts such as cotton wool, nylon, and polyester also on style and its motifs.

Use cold water:
  • Regularlyrinse with cold water to remove new ink. we can only remove screen printing of a shirt that is freshly printed only.
  • it will help you in case of any mistake and quickly wash it with running water.
  • As an alternative, you may try hand-rinsing in cold water. Use cold water when it's practical! heat will dry the ink, if so then wash it with warm water and air drying the clothing.
What about a nail paint remover?

Acetone (also called rubbing alcohol), a substance found in nail polish remover, may be quite useful for getting rid of worn-out and damaged screen-printing designs. For the print, you want to remove, use nail paint remover. Wear gloves when handling this chemical because it is a powerful solvent.

What method to choose for nylons:

Have you had any nylon fabric? You might be able to select the best nylon fabric after reading all the articles mentioned above. Don't worry, we’re here to provide suggestions. Iron is the most effective way to remove screen printing designs from nylon. Reading the text above will help you understand. Surely, you have enjoyed reading the article. How to remove shirt printing is a complex technique, however, we have made it easy just for you! Leave a comment if you still have questions. We love to answer that. 

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