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6002 - Adult Fashion Jogger 9Oz - Orange

6002 - Adult Fashion Jogger 9Oz - Orange

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6002 - Adult Fashion Jogger

Product Description: 

Are you looking for a bottom to warm you up when going outside or for a workout or when there are extreme weather conditions? Well, ZR wholesales brings you something that exactly matches your vibe. i.e. 6002 - Adult Fashion Jogger 9Oz – Orange. It is soft, comfortable, and just perfect for you. 

Benefits: The versatility of the fashion jogger is built in. These cookie jogger pants allow you to move freely when you run, stroll, lift, and stretch. The benefit of jogging pants is the coziness of the cotton. The jogging pants are made of soft, enduring cotton. Its ring-spun yarn, which is made of 80% cotton and 20% poly, is hygienic, allowing it to absorb moisture and add to comfort. You can also wear our soft and comfortable sweatshirts with these bottoms. These bottoms provide you ease with the waist so you no longer need to worry about the waist size. You may easily and precisely size the bottom thanks to its inside drawstring and elasticized waist. Are you always concerned with where to put your possessions, such as your wallet or phone? Are you able to find a bottom that not only comforts you but also warms your hand? Well, these orange joggers' men’s side-seam pockets keep necessities close to reaching and hands toasty. 

Product Details:

We also have orange jogger women. You can buy that too! 

  • Small: Waist: 30 Out Steam: 39 In Steam: 29. 
  • Medium: Waist: 32 Out Steam: 40 In Steam: 30. 
  • Large: Waist: 34 Out Steam: 41 In Steam: 31. 
  • XL: Waist: 36 Out Steam: 42 In Steam: 32. 
  • 2XL: Waist: 38 Out Steam: 43 In Steam: 38. 
  • 3XL: Waist: 40 Out Steam: 44 In Steam: 34. 
  • Available Colors: black, brown, camel, dust, white, golden brown, hot pink, Kelly green, mustard, navy, orange, purple, red, royal blue, sport grey. Cotton: 9 oz. Material/ Fabric: 80% cotton, 20% Poly Ring Spun Yarn. 
  • Origin: Bangladesh and Pakistan. 24 pieces per case. Style: 6002
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